Pearce family recognised for outstanding achievement in business

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Recently in Caloundra, RCS hosted its November ExecutiveLink™ Meeting. Members of the ExecutiveLink™ Program meet three times per year, and each November a business is selected to receive the ‘Paul F Harris and Company Award for Outstanding Achievement in Business’.

The Award is for outstanding achievement in the last 12 to 18 months, and the achievements may be in one or several of the following categories:

• Significant Financial improvement.
• Overcoming human obstacles such as succession.
• Overcoming other obstacles e.g. drought etc.
• Making significant breakthroughs in their business, relationships or life.

Kevin and Catriona Pearce of “Bannockburn” Morinish, Qld were announced as the 2014 deserving winners.

Kevin and Catriona run a cattle and cropping business on the banks of the  Fitzroy, north of Alton Downs. They have been implementers rather than  spectators. Over the past seven years, they have:

• Done extensive fencing and watering projects, and are continuing to do more.
• Expanded the business and doubled the herd in four years.
• Made significant changes to their country with an increase in desirable species.
• Travelled daily to Rocky for the kids’ education.
• Taken family holidays.
• Participated in research with the University, showing a great trend in ground cover.
• Made great progress with business KPIs.

Catriona has grazing charts and records that would be the envy of everyone who sees them. With this tool, photographic records and the standard of management they have reached, they have provided leadership through opening up their place to GFP schools and others to learn from their experience.

In a tough year, they have reached the top 20% status in EL, although no doubt Kevin will put that down to the crops.

Well done to the Pearces – they are worthy recipients of the Paul F Harris Award.

The Paul F Harris award is sponsored by the Harris family every year. Paul, his wife Clare and son Chris run a successful accountancy firm and cattle station in central Queensland. See website here. Paul Harris has a long association with RCS. After completing GrazingforProfit™ and ExecutiveLink™, Paul felt it necessary to acknowledge, in the form of an annual award, the significant breakthroughs many individuals and businesses achieve during ExecutiveLink™.