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In the final week of July nearly 200 RCS clients and staff gathered in Longreach for the combined ExecutiveLink™, RCS Next Steps and GrowthLink meeting. We had clients travel from as far north as Cape York and as far south as northern NSW. The energy was fantastic and the location choice of Longreach – voted in by EL members in 2016 – was ideal.

It was a great privilege to be a part of the team organising this event, and as such I got a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ insight which I’d like to take a moment to share…

Firstly, the Longreach community were fantastic hosts. Our events spread over -five days and seven venues, so we got to meet a lot of locals and enjoy a variety of facilities. One night we ate under the planes at the Qantas Museum, and another we enjoyed the new Stockman’s Hall of Fame Arena. Our GrowthLink group even managed a sunset cruise on the Thomson River.However, it wasn’t all socialising, eating and drinking; the serious part of the meeting began for most of us on Tuesday morning when we enjoyed three top notch guest speakers: nutritionist and naturopath Stacey Curcio, fitness ambassador and Telstra Business Awards 2017 Finalist Joy McClymont, and former Deputy Prime Minister Mr John Anderson AO.

Stacey presented ‘Bugs, Bellies and Brains’ and the latest fascinating health science on the human microbiome. We learnt there are more microbes on your hand than there are people on the entire planet, and a damaged microbiome has links to a host of disorders and diseases, from the bowel to the brain. Some great advice for taking our health into our own hands.

If you have come across Joy McClymont you will know she is a firecracker. Joy is the founder of ‘Off The Track Training’ and ‘Joys Fitness Hub’- both programs are designed to support people to eat well, exercise and maintain motivation. Joy lives with her husband Paul and family on a 27,000ha sheep and cattle station 1.5 hours west of Longreach. Her presentation ‘Going Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere’ shared life lessons and got us active! I’ve included photos in the slideshow above (imagine Stayin’ Alive playing in the background). The morning following her presentation, Joy hosted a dawn fitness session and nearly 40 partook, which was great!

The Honorable John Anderson AO was Deputy Prime Minister from 1999 to 2005. His responsibilities included Primary Industries and Energy, and then Transport and Regional Services. John introduced Farm Management Deposits, Roads to Recovery, the recognition of water property rights, FarmBiz and the Stronger Regions program. His presentation ‘Future of the world – Where is the Economy Heading?’ provided independent advice and data on the unstable current national and international financial climate. The Q&A at the end of the presentation could have gone on all day. It was an honour to have someone of John’s stature join us, and a further pleasure to welcome his wife Julia also.

For the most part, the group converged at The Jumbuck Motel for board sessions and continuing education. Here the perfect weather, open lush lawns, shady trees and Barcoo coffee van offered the perfect break between the heavier side of the meeting. We were very satisfied with Alison and team’s delicious catering.

It would be remiss of me to give a wrap up of the Longreach event without a mention of the Wednesday night dinner at the Stockman’s Hall of Fame… To kick off the night we were entertained by ‘Hawkesy’ in the arena. He and his animals put on a fab show! After the show and main course, EL member Alex Dodson stepped in as auctioneer and David McLean and RCS hosted Will Comiskey’s fundraising efforts for the RFDS,  part of his quest to complete the Mongol Derby for a second time Together the group of 165 reached into their pockets and generously donated $22,500 to the cause. Amazing contribution. This is added to Will’s fundraising efforts which already stood at over $10,000. Special thanks to those who put up items to be auctioned – RCS, Joy McClymont from Off The Track Training, KLR Marketing, Katie Zerner from Central Balance Murgon, and Longreach identity John Hawkes. Gratitude also to those who supported this cause with their donations. Will finished tied in 3rd place – brilliant effort. (Check out the Will Comiskey – Mongol Derby  Facebook page for more on Will’s amazing feat).

During our time in Longreach, it was a pleasure to catch up with friends old and new, and meet the next generation of children who made it along. A big thanks to the Longreach Childcare Centre and Toy Library for helping us out with plenty to keep the kids busy while the parents got into business.

The next meeting will take place in Rockhampton this November. It will be hard to beat the wide open grassy lawns and friendly smiles of Longreach, but we will try.

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Kelly McCosker
ExecutiveLink™ Program Coordinator

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