Project Pioneer: Innovation in the grazing industry

$55,000 of on-farm support and business education!

Transform your grazing business

Project Pioneer is a three-year project funding 50 businesses through the RCS Rural Profit System along with access to new management tools. Taking a whole business approach we are working with participants to achieve ecological and economic outcomes. They will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the changes they desire in business and life.

The project includes:

World-class education
One-on-one farm support
 Professional advice
Three years fully supported!

The RCS Rural Profit System

A three-year journey…

Embarking on a journey that is transformational – not just for business but also for life!

The RCS Rural Profit System has been developed over the last 30 years and is the industry leader in rural professional development and increased business performance

What is included in the three-year project!


Two business members funded through Australia’s longest running business school for agriculture.

RCS Next Steps

Implementing the GrazingforProfit™ principles with 6 months of business coaching. RCS Next Steps provides participants with the framework and personal mentoring to gain control of their land, production, people and business.


Participants meet 3 times a year with their very own advisory board to receive continuous learning, peer to peer support and professional advice.
Giving them the support, skills and confidence to achieve their business and life goals.


Revolutionary online grazing management support tool. Capturing real-time livestock, rainfall and grazing data on any device, anytime, anywhere.


Annual benchmarking and business analysis.
Participants confidentially compare against the best in the industry and get targeted business reports to raise their performance.

On-Farm Professional Advice

Annual on-farm visits working one-on-one with an experienced RCS Advisor.
Also, CQUni is providing education in the use of technology and innovations to lower participants cost of production.

NRM Hub Mapping

Simple tool for mapping, planning and analysis that combines the vast amount of satellite and spatial imagery now available all in one place.

I thought me RCS journey was just going to be about cell grazing. I soon realised I was wrong and thought it was about knowing our business. I was still wrong! After working with RCS and completing ExecutiveLink™, our business is stronger, we are improving our land, we are happier and our marriage has never been stronger.”

Alice Greenup, Greenup Eidsvold Station

Why is this funding available?

Through Reef Trust III, The Australian Government has committed to provide funding over four years (from 2015 to 2019) to improve management practices across high priority grazing lands within the Great Barrier Reef natural resource management catchments. The aim is to achieve tangible ecological and economic outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef community.

To achieve this end, RCS have been appointed to provide training, business development, benchmarking and on-farm support to farmers and graziers in the Reef Catchements.

Aims of the project

  • Participants across the board achieve, on average:
    • >2.5% increase in return on assets
    • >65% ground cover at the end of dry season
    • class A land condition
    • and most importantly, professional and happy management teams
  • Training and development opportunities for graziers (valued at over $55,000 per business) to support and empower adoption of innovative and effective practices
  • Support the adoption of ‘information gathering tools’ that improve farm management capacity and profitability, facilitate the transition to class A land condition, showcase sustainable grazing businesses and help reduce sediment entering the Great Barrier Reef
  • A whole of business approach to reducing sediment in runoff

Participant commitment…

  • Project Pioneer is a three-year commitment
  • Willing to fully participate in training, upskilling, benchmarking and open to possible changes in activities
  • Willing to invest in strategic infrastructure improvements (where it will make the participant more profitable)
  • Covering travel and accommodation costs for education programs are participants own responsibility
  • Share lessons learned with other graziers at group events, eg. RCS Keep In Touch (KIT) Days and through case studies (NB. disclosure is voluntary)

RCS has been awarded funds through the Australian Government’s Reef Trust Phase Three Investment Programme. This Investment provides RCS with funding over three years, allowing delivery of “Project Pioneer – Innovation in Grazing Management”.
This Project aims to contribute to the delivery of the overarching Reef Trust Programme outcome of improving the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef from broad-scale land use to increase the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.