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ExecutiveLink™ – NSW Chapter, Albury, NSW

June 19, 2018 @ 8:00 am - June 21, 2018 @ 2:15 pm AEST

Steps 2 & 3 of the Rural Profit System

Giving you the support, skills and confidence to achieve what you want out of life. ExecutiveLink™ is a unique professional development program operating in Australia, Africa and the USA. It provides a structured forum in which a group of like-minded people can, by acting as advisory directors, work together on their respective businesses to be economically, socially and ecologically successful. The ExecutiveLink™ (EL) program has an education component in both personal and technical development, in addition to professionally facilitated rounds of board discussions that complement the strategic management of your business. It is available for individuals and corporate groups who wish to form their own board. The primary goals of ExecutiveLink™ allow you to:

  • Master the basics of analysing your business.
  • Hone your business and personal skills.
  • Professionally manage your new plan for the future.
  • Develop a strong network of motivated farmers who can respond to opportunities, both on and off the farm.

EL Phase 1 – Knowledge and Skills Development

The first phase of ExecutiveLink™ focuses on the gradual implementation of new skills and provides you with the tools and ongoing support to ensure growth within your business. It offers you the opportunity to integrate your livestock, cropping, property and business planning to create growth and sustainability into the future. The program is delivered around the framework of economic growth and regenerative farming practices in the face of our changing climate and the increasing demand on your natural resources. This initial phase has a hands on focus and involves a partnership between the participant, a personal coach and the RCS Team. This team works together on the individual’s business to complete 10 projects critical to managerial effectiveness. These projects are:

  1. A strategic approach to Working on the Business
  2. Economic Analysis – planning production
  3. Economic Analysis – projecting and benchmarking business performance
  4. Projection of Net Worth
  5. Setting up an office designed for effective management
  6. Calculating stocking rate, carrying capacity, paddock yields and using the biological calendar
  7. Measuring and Monitoring
  8. Nutrition and Reproduction
  9. Getting People Working Together
  10. Planning and prioritising property development
Learning Methods

A range of teaching styles are used to cater for different learning preferences. This includes the allocation of an experienced coach to each participant to work steadily through assignments and workshops/field trips held with your board to introduce each assignment and to learn how to apply the knowledge to your business. The process also includes virtual learning incorporated through the use of on-line webinars. This allows you to be exposed to a range of coaches, consultants and speakers and their various topics of expertise from the comfort of your own home. Such webinars also allow you to be part of Question and Answer sessions with other EL members across Australia. By working through each project at home with your own property figures you will gain the business management skills needed to:

  • Regularly and accurately review your business performance
  • Implement what you learnt at GrazingforProfit™ and other RCS Courses
  • Take control of your resources by making management decisions that include the use of the natural plant, animal and water cycles
  • Access the information needed for future management decisions
  • Free up more time for strategic management meetings
Your Coach

Many successful people use a mentor. For example, no successful athlete would consider competing without professional coaching. Our coaching network is made up of successful farmers and graziers who have already implemented the RCS principles and are now in a position to help others do the same. They come with practical, hands on experience which they use to guide the changes you decide to implement in your business.

EL Phase 2 – Business Planning, Benchmarking, Peer Review and Support

As the skills to professionally manage your business start to come naturally you transition into the powerhouse of EL – the peer review boards. Each board is made up of a minimum of four unrelated businesses, a compatible and balanced group of people developed with the aid of personality and teamwork profiles. Board members become similar to Non-Executive Directors of each other’s business. We encourage full participation of business partners and/or spouses at the meetings however, there is a limit of three people attending from any one business per meeting. This same board will operate together for the duration of EL as you grow, develop and support each other to move your businesses to the next level.

Meetings include
  • A formal code of conduct adopted by each board to satisfy personal concerns regarding confidentiality and behaviour
  • Professionally facilitated board sessions for each individual business
  • Extra board discussion sessions
  • A half day continuing education sessions from a range of expert presenters
  • Ongoing skill development throughout the entire program
  • Informal and formal meal sessions for networking

People who have completed GrazingforProfit™, Farming and GrazingforProfit™, FarmingforProfit™, Bio Business Farming and The Business of Grazing are automatically eligible for ExecutiveLink™. Individual applications are considered on their merit for people who have completed alternative training programs or can demonstrate knowledge and experience necessary to successfully complete the Skills Development phase of ExecutiveLink™.

What ExecutiveLink™ Graduates have said

“Doing EL has been one of the greatest, rewarding, challenging, and empowering experiences of my life. It has enabled me, through being around like minded people, to make a real difference to my grazing practices and pastures, develop an understanding of the economic side of my business, and kick some pretty big personal goals. I didn’t expect to get out of EL what I did. I’d have been happy with a tenth of what I got.Craig Davison, Injune “The EL process has given us the edge to continue the learning journey by providing a platform for peer to peer support. The process offers motivation and accountability like no other. It is a powerful process which links like-minded people together on a journey of self-discovery and business improvement. It is what you make it!”  ExecutiveLink™ Graduate, Queensland

What is included in the ExecutiveLink™ program?

Implementation. Gain the skills needed to become a professional manager. A great coach and access to Australia’s most trusted rural consultants. Your very own Board of Directors. Meeting three times a year as a reciprocal board of directors for each other’s business, this no-nonsense program helps you as managers and owners achieve what you want out of life and your business. Guest speakers with a mixture of both national and international speakers. Each meeting you’ll feel motivated and up-to-date with what is cutting edge information and ideas from a wide range of guest speakers. Business analysis and benchmarking with RCS Profit Probe™. See how you are performing compared to the rest of your industry. This is a great way to see what the top 20% are doing and then dig down and pinpoint how to move your business towards the top. Lifetime access to RCS vault of models and tools. This alone is worth the value of the entire program. With over three decades of consulting knowledge behind these models and tools, we cannot place a value on the work that has gone into these. Annual Business audit. Each year we will take you through the RCS “Gap Analysis” that will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business. This is also a great way to monitor your progress and track performance. A Business Plan. This active document clearly outlines what you do, how and why. Having a working, active business plan allows knowledge to be taken out of your head and put on paper so that your partners and family can use if for generations to come.   There is so much to ExecutiveLink™ it is impossible to write it all down in one place. What each person gains from EL is different – the only common factor is that they graduate from the program having made a positive improvement to both their business and lives. There is no doubt that ExecutiveLink™ is the greatest support service RCS has developed for rural businesses. In fact, a number of businesses got so much value from graduating EL the first time they joined again the following year. To begin your ExecutiveLink™ journey call the RCS office today on 1800 356 004 or email info@rcsaustralia.com.au where we can discuss how this unique program can change your life.


June 19, 2018 @ 8:00 am
June 21, 2018 @ 2:15 pm
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Albury, NSW 2640 Australia


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